Our Story

Mid 1800s


It was very difficult for farmers to secure insurance. Even when it was available it was usually too expensive because insurance companies considered farm risk too hazardous.

Consequently, farmers began insuring themselves and each other according to special laws providing for MUTUAL protection. Thus the Farm Mutual Companies were founded. They were organized for farmers by farmers, to provide their own members with sound insurance at cost. These companies were officered and directed by farm members.



Our company was organized with the same Mutual aspects and principles for their goals that were used by other farm mutuals. “Insurance at cost for mutual protection.

On October 31, 1874, The Bay of Quinte Mutual Agricultural Fire Insurance Company commenced business in rented office space, in the Jamieson Block in Picton.



Our Inspection department was established to help policyholders identify potential fire hazards on their properties.

Our loss prevention department still plays a vital role in making sure that policyholders are aware of potential problems with their homes and properties.



We expanded beyond the borders of Prince Edward County and started insuring properties in Northumberland and Hastings counties.




Bay of Quinte Mutual Agricultural Fire Insurance Company began writing residential or non-farm policies


We moved into our current location on Loyalist Parkway on the west side of Picton.



We decided to remove the “Agricultural Fire” from our name to better reflect the changing needs of our policyholders and we became known as Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Co.

Board of Directors

Art Wiersma

Prince Edward County

Chrissy Poitras

Prince Edward County

Dalton Arthur

Frontenac County

George Taylor


Steve Raymond

Quinte West

Harry Scanlan


Connie Robinson

Centre Hastings

Fred Lang


Dick Williams

Prince Edward County

Our Team

Jeffery Howell


Houssam Hajar

Underwriting Manager

Jeff Bedore

Policy Serivce Manager

Jennifer Wilson

Loss Prevention Manager

Susanne Lyons

Claims Manager

Patti Welsh

Finance & Technology Manager

Get to Know Us

  • The Bay of Quinte Difference

    We are people-centred.  In these days of big corporate business, the human touch is often lost.  You will always be treated like a person, not a number.  When you call our office, a friendly voice will be on the other end.

    We are a community-based company.  Your insurance premiums stay in the community.  For generations, we have bought from local businesses, invested locally, employed local people and supported the local community.

    You select insurance protection to meet your specific needs.  Our policies offer you choice for your personal property limits of insurance and two options for water protection.  Choice means more than personalized insurance protection- it allows you to save money.


  • The Mutual Difference

    We are proud to be a mutual insurance company.  Mutual insurance is different – it is woven into the fabric of our communities and is about people coming together to protect themselves in a common need.

    When you buy a policy, you become a member and an owner.  Being an owner entitles you to have a say in how Bay of Quinte Mutual is run, by attending and participating in our Annual General Meeting.

    The Directors are policyholders living in your communities and are elected by the policyholders.

    We do not have shareholders who expect to be paid dividends.  Premiums, together with investment income, are used to pay the losses sustained by our policyholders and operate the company.  Profits earned are used to strengthen Bay of Quinte Mutual and are returned to our policyholders in the form of stable premiums and enhancements to their insurance protection.

  • Community Pride

    Bay of Quinte Mutual takes pride in being a part of the communities of South Eastern Ontario.

    We show our support and appreciation to those communities by participating in or contributing to various local events, projects and awards.

    The proceeds from our annual charity golf tournament are donated to a cause selected by the Chair of the Board.  We are proud to have donated more than $150,000 over the years to several well-deserving organizations which include: Almost Home, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Gleaners Food Bank, Kingston 4Paws Service Dogs and Sunny Days Day Camp.

    Our team fundraises throughout the year to support a cause selected by our Social Committee.  Each December we surprise a local charity with the funds raised by our staff and directors.


  • Financial Statements and Annual Report

    Each year at the Annual General Meeting, our policyholders approve the previous year’s financial statements.

    For those that would like to know those details, our most recent annual statement can be found here: Resources


  • A Strong & Highly Sophisticated Financial Model

    We are small but mighty.

    Our financial strength is further augmented because we are part of one of the strongest and most secure financial networks in Canada – the 42 mutual insurance companies in Ontario.

    The Ontario Mutuals formed the Fire Mutual Guarantee Fund in 1975 to provide a financial guarantee to our policyholders.  In the very unlikely event that a mutual company in Ontario becomes insolvent, policyholders of that company will receive 100% of the unearned premium owed to them and 100% of any open claim honoured.  We are proud to say the Fund has never been used.  The Farm Mutual Guarantee Fund provided protection to our policyholders that no stock company can offer!

    Together with 50 mutual insurance companies across Canada, we own our reinsurance company.  Farm Mutual Re was formed in 1959 to provide its members with fairly priced reinsurance.  Farm Mutual Re is one of two Canadian owned reinsurance companies still in existence today.



  • More than Insurance

    Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Co., has long provided peace of mind to our policyholders with insurance protection.

    But we offer more than insurance protection!

    BQ Assist is a service to our policyholders to give them access to legal or identity theft assistance from a team of lawyers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  These services are free and unlimited.  To access BQ Assist call 1-877-837-0104 and provide your Bay of Quinte policy number.

    We have a team of loss prevention officers whose purpose is to help our policyholders identify and rectify specific safety issues in their homes, on their farms, and in their businesses.

  • Working Together, for the Good of All

    The Ontario Mutuals have been working together to provide protection to our policyholders for more the 160 years.  We are members of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association and the Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

    The Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA) helps the Ontario mutual insurance companies serve our policyholders better and plays an important part in strengthening the mutual insurance system.  OMIA provides education to our staff and directors, assists our company with the development of new insurance products, promotion, statistical reporting, and government relations.  OMIA brings our companies together so we can accomplish things as a group in a more cost-effective and efficient manner than if we were doing it at each individual company.

    The Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (CAMIC) is our national trade association.  Its primary role is to develop relationships and liaise with the federal government on items that impact our industry, such as income taxes and the federal insurance act.