What should you do if you have damage to your home or contents?

  • Notify your broker as soon as possible.
    (If the claim is outside regular business hours, please call Bay of Quinte Mutual directly at 613-476-2145 or 1-800-267-2126 and follow the prompts to access our 24hr claims service.)
  • Contact the authorities as soon as possible, if necessary.
    (Please document who responded.)
  • Prevent any further damage from occurring by taking precautions and stopping the problem at the source.
    (ie. Boarding up broken windows, turning off the water supply to broken pipes, etc.)
  • Write a detailed statement of the circumstances surrounding the claim, including making a note of items that were damaged/ stolen, etc.
    (Include a comprehensive list of items that were damaged and/or stolen.)
  • Be prepared to present original receipts for replacing items that are damaged or lost.
    (The adjuster assigned to the claim may require access to these documents.)
  • Co-operate with local authorities, insurance adjusters, and contractors assigned to the claim.
    (The more information you can provide within a timely manner, the more we can be of help.)

24 Hour Claims Service

(613) 476-2145 or 1-800-267-2126
If after hours, please follow the prompts.

The Bay of Quinte Mutual Claims Experience

Often a claim is one of the most traumatic times in your life and our company is here to make the process of claims adjusting as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance claims adjusters are local adjusters, trained by the company to help you in a crisis. Our adjusters generally live in the community the claim happens in and have knowledge of the right people to call to assist you.

You will always talk to an adjuster and be given their contact information if you have any questions along the way. We do not subscribe to preferred contractors, so in most cases you will be able to use contractors you know and trust to do the repairs necessary. It is our job to make your claims experience a positive one. We will do our best to put you back in the position you were in before the claim happened as quickly as we possibly can, that is the Mutual difference.

You've Filed a Claim. Now What?


Once your claim has been reported to your broker or our after hour’s claims service team, expect a telephone call or email from the adjuster assigned to your claim.


Prepare to answer a number of questions surrounding the circumstances of the claim, to allow coverage to be determined.


Once coverage has been confirmed, the adjuster assigned to the claim will make an onsite visit. The adjuster will explain the claims process and answer your questions. The deductible on your policy will be discussed, including the terms of your payment. 


The loss will be assessed and any professionals required to repair/replace the damaged property will be assigned to provide estimates. You may obtain estimates from your own contractors to provide to the adjuster, as well. 


Estimates will be reviewed and a contractor that you and your adjuster agree upon will be assigned to repair/replace the damaged property.


When the property is repaired or replaced to satisfaction, the invoice will be submitted to the adjuster for payment. The deductible applicable to the loss will be requested from your adjuster to be paid to the company.


A signature will be required on a Proof of Loss that lists the cause of loss, the amount paid to repair/replace the damaged items, and the deductible that you are responsible to pay. 


Finally, your claim will be closed with the company and record of it will be kept on file. We recommend that you keep a record of the claims process and details as well. 

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